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Sycamore GEAR is a parent-led group that serves families in Sycamore Community Schools, locatedĀ in suburban Cincinnati, Ohio.

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 GEAR Sponsors Reading and Adventure Clubs for Sycamore K-6 Students

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Sycamore GEAR sponsors two reading/adventure clubs: Book Worms, for Sycamore K-2 students; and The Sycamore Society, for 3rd-6th grade students.
lub members meet to socialize, discuss, and enjoy an activity related to the current book selection. Visit our "Past Years' Events" page for a glimpse at just some of our fun activities.
reregistration is required for participation. Club membership is free; occasionally, a fee may be charged for events or materials to help defray costs.
To learn more or to register, email Stephanie Bruner at



The Next Event!
The Sycamore Societies
May Ice Cream Social

It's definitely the right temperature for an Ice Cream Social and there is still plenty of time left to read the May book selection for The Sycamore Society.  Get your copy of A Snicker of Magic and sign up today to attend our book discussion/ ice cream buffet on Sunday, May 31, 2015

Visit The Sycamore Society blog site for details and free registration today!  If you are not currently registered as a member of The Sycamore Society, please visit for book club information and instructions on how to join this fun group!


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 To view the current guidelines and protocols for Gifted Identification and Services, please visit the Sycamore Community Schools website under Departments and Student Services or just click here:

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